NFT Marketplace - FAQs | Remooz



A blockchain is a digitally distributed public ledger that exists across a network. It's a database where no single person or entity has the ability to alter its records.

No. Blockchain doesn't mean cryptocurrency. Remooz is not involved in any way in crypto, there is absolutely no crypto conversion happening at any point.

Remooz blockchain is built using the Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source framework by the Linux Foundation and spearheaded by IBM.

A 'Wallet' on Remooz stores all your owned digital assets, whether created or bought.

Points are rewards which members accumulate for being active on the platform through daily log ins, referring friends, adding connections, creating groups, buying and selling digital assets, giving reviews, growing the community and engaging with members and groups.

No. A transfer of a digital asset from one member to another means the ownership transfer is now permanently stored on the blockchain. Therefore, it is impossible to reverse the transaction. However, you can sell the digital asset.

This depends on the conditions of the sale. A creator may choose to grant a commercial license or not.

When you put a digital asset up for sale, you choose the percentage you want to receive from every resale.