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create or mint NFTs

How do we create or mint Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) as digital assets?

Mainstream creators, artists and brands have embraced Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the blockchain technology over the last few years because of their relevance. This is because an NFT is unique.

NFTs are used or tokenised to represent ownership of unique items. The ownership of an asset is secured by the blockchain through immutable ownership record that cannot be changed.

So right now, these tokens or NFTs are popularly known to represent arts and collectibles, thus starting the NFT Art or NFT Collectible terminology. And when a token is created on a blockchain, it can be bought and sold, tradeable on an NFT marketplace.

Now, how do we create an NFT? Technically-speaking, creating an NFT is known as ‘minting’ an NFT. In order to mint an NFT, a creator needs to sign up and be registered with an NFT marketplace. Minting itself means converting digital data into digital assets which is then recorded on a blockchain.

So a simple explanation on minting an NFT: it is the process of uploading digital files into tokens. They are then simultaneously stored on a blockchain. Thus, a creator publishes unique digital assets for sale to be bought and sold, including resale, among the marketplace users.

If you have any form of exciting, impressive and quality digital contents like photos, designs, videos, or music, you can simply sell them as NFTs. No matter what file types they are (common file types are JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, WAV, etc.), they all need to go through the minting/uploading process.

Thus, to mint an NFT, you must upload that file type which will become an NFT. You can mint a single, or a collection of NFTs. You are required to add a name, description, price, royalty and other metadata to your token. Then, your NFT is ‘minted’.

In each NFT marketplace, you will need to follow its detailed guide on how to mint NFTs. Original digital arts, video clips, even pictures of you – think creatively about what to mint. If people find any value in these digital assets, you can mint them as NFTs and offer them for sale. It is a real, proper creator economy.

In order to finalise the minting process, a creator will normally need to pay the specified gas fee and/or minting fee from the creator’s connected wallet. And this one of the downsides all creators face. Except, not when they choose the Remooz NFT marketplace.

At, creators do not have to pay any fees related to minting. You can use USD to buy and collect NFTs or becoming resellers and creators to sell NFTs. Remooz allows any registered users to mint NFTs with ease and safely, in a few clicks.