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How do you choose a niche as a creator of digital assets?

The term ‘digital assets’ can refer to anything exclusive created and kept digitally on a blockchain, either by a person or a company. For context, creators create digital assets via a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Indeed, these digital asset and token marketplaces have become a popular trend within technology today.

Digital assets can be used to create value and achieve certain objectives. They are a medium of exchange, a type of account, or a way to store value. Like any products or services, they also require value-driven marketing strategies. And the creator economy stands to benefit greatly from it.

As a creator, you need to grasp and incorporate the above information first before starting your digital asset trade. The starting point will be knowing your strengths. The most useful ideas to find, evaluate, and choose your niche are your own passion, skills, or talents. Your intention and experience surely also count.

Strategically, you can look at digital asset categories where demand is higher than supply. Here, competition is less fierce, and scarcity can create a visible position for you in that untapped market. Do your research, for example, on emerging areas or customer preferences to discover future trends in return for better prospects.

No matter what niche you prefer, the options are limitless. You can be a successful designer, writer, or consultant. Deliver online products or services. Sell original music or videos. Remember to bring relevant context via background stories and, more importantly, add multiple values for customers in your digital assets.