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Hyperledger — high-end APIs supporting the ecosystem

This is the last article for the Hyperledger series, titled “Hyperledger – High-end APIs support the ecosystem”. The series looks to zoom in and simply explain about the design philosophy of Hyperledger: modular, highly secure, interoperable, cryptocurrency-agnostic and complete with APIs.

Complete with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces, e.g. CLI, REST and Node.js) support means Hyperledger offers rich and accessible APIs that support interoperability with other systems. Developers will benefit from these APIs, and contribute to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

An API make it possible for users to access a server and the resources connected to it. Many underlying API resources can be accessed in a structured way through API gateways. This simplifies requests to the underlying resources and also improves user experience.

Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) for instance, offers a number of APIs to support the development of smart contracts or chain codes in multiple programming languages. HLF smart contract APIs are available for Go, Node.js, and Java.

It is important though to understand that APIs differ with plugins. API presents more integration flexibility and overall control, like for a payment flow or how a checkout page look like. Instead, plugins are ready to use, requires no technical knowledge, and with little or no control over design.

With Hyperledger’s core distributed ledger infrastructure, a well-defined set of APIs will enable external clients and applications to interface quickly and easily. For example, a set of APIs to sign on new network clients, set up new chain codes to the network, and interact with existing chain codes.

High-end APIs offer easy information interaction to enterprise distributed networks. Accordingly, they will also help blockchain and distributed ledger technologies grow across extensive use cases and industries.

The potential and technical abilities of a blockchain centers on how unified it is with the modern-day APIs. Blockchain APIs ultimately contribute highly for greater connectivity, security, ownership and collaboration within a blockchain ecosystem.