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NFT marketplaces in MENA

For Arab creators looking to join Web3 and monetise content through NFTs, we’ve compiled a list of the top NFT marketplaces in MENA:

1- Nuqtah: The story of NuqtahNFT started in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. When Salwa Radwi, a renowned artist, the founder of NuqtahNFT and a passionate NFT collector, grew a passion for the emerging marriage of art and tech worlds. 

2- NiftySouq: A platform aiming to inspire creators, brands, and communities from different backgrounds to share and sell their original work in the form of NFTs.

3- NiftyArabia: A marketplace to buy, sell and collect rare digital art NFTs from the Middle East & North Africa.

4- UPYO: A secure place for trading collectibles, metaverse lands, wearables, domain names, and many more. Non-fungible tokens are a distinctive class of assets on the blockchain that is one-of-a-kind and cannot be exchanged for the same value or another.

5- Remooz: A different approach to the above mentioned marketplaces using public blockchains, Remooz is built on a permissioned blockchain to provide a legally compliant solution for NFTs without crypto.