#1 Si Kucing – Bobot – the Cat - #15047-1

Royalty: 5% Royalty is the amount the Creator will receive from every re-sale.
Commercial License:  The owner is NOT allowed to use the contents of this token commercially without attribution.

USD 15.00


1. ‘UjangWeb3’ Club Member 2. Exclusive news, announcements, chat on the UW3 group page 3. 1 free surprise NFT (owner can sell it later)

Blockchain Token Status: (Minted by: ujangweb3 & owned by: mareev)


#1 Si Kucing – Bobot – the Cat. Bobot tersengih gembira, bergerak ke kiri dan kanan / Bobot grinned happily, moving left and right.

Categories: Images, Utility

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