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What is the Web3 ?

What is the Web3 ? Web 3.0, also known as Web3, is regarded as the future of the Internet. There is no proper definition for it, but Web3 is a concept for a new version of the World Wide Web. It incorporates elements such as the Metaverse, blockchain technologies, token-based economics, and decentralised networks. So, […]

The concept behind Blockchain Technology

The concept behind Blockchain Technology People in technology believe that the blockchain framework and infrastructure offer the perfect ways to limit the manipulation and intrusion of data.  As a technology, blockchain is neither a company nor an application. Simply put, blockchain is an entirely new method to store and manage data online. Blockchains are a […]

Hyperledger – High-end APIs supporting the ecosystem

Hyperledger — high-end APIs supporting the ecosystem This is the last article for the Hyperledger series, titled “Hyperledger – High-end APIs support the ecosystem”. The series looks to zoom in and simply explain about the design philosophy of Hyperledger: modular, highly secure, interoperable, cryptocurrency-agnostic and complete with APIs. Complete with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces, e.g. […]